Zero fancy equipment, expertise or travel required: a photo walk as a spiritual practice.

After stepping away from it for a while, I’m starting to meditate with my eyes closed again. It’s feeling good.

But my fascination with eyes-wide-open meditations still lives on, which is why this AnnikaTV episode is such a favorite of mine.

Erin Schlabach on AnnikaTV

In today’s episode of AnnikaTV, I’m talking with Erin Schlabach about photo walks.

Anything can be a meditation. And Erin’s photo walks absolutely fit the bill, as far as I’m concerned.

When a friend introduced me to Erin’s site, I swooned at least a dozen times while looking at her photos.

I understood immediately why she describes her photo walks as sacred. Brace yourself for a beautygasm.

And since she only uses the camera on her iPhone and walks around her local neighborhood, this practice is probably uber accessible for you, too. Give it a try.

Watch and hear how she decides what to take pictures of. LOVE this one.

Have you ever taken a picture of something and the image itself or the experience of taking it felt sacred to you?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

I feel that way about a lot of the pics I share on Instagram.

Whether there are grey skies or sunshine outside your door right now, take a quick stroll. See what beauty your eyes stumble upon.