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L'Erin Alta has always been a self-described rebel. As a young kid in Sunday School, she demanded an explanation when told that women should obey their husbands. "My mom is a single mom. She doesn't obey anyone." Then came her exploration of Rastafarianism, Islam, the [...]


She's a bestselling author (6 books, over a million copies in print in 9 languages). She hasn't worked a traditional j-o-b since 1985. Oh, and she became a newlywed - at 49. Today's guest on The Sacred Podcast is Jen Louden. This conversation went all [...]


Ashley Turner loved her church-centric upbringing. She's got bright + happy stories of church camp, choir practice and Sunday School. Refreshing, right? In a sea of "Religion banged me up!" stories, hearing about her nourishing church years is inspiring. But after being rejected from all [...]

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When there was a mild war going on between Rihanna and Karreuche Tran, I was fully on Team Rihanna.


Not because I disliked Karreuche at all - I didn’t know enough about her to have a view on her.

It was entirely because Rihanna feels like she could have lived down the street from me. It’s a Caribbean girls thing.

So yeah, I was not into Miss Tran.


Next week The Sacred Podcast comes to life. Woo!

I’ve recorded about half a dozen conversations already and I’m so excited to share them with you! This podcast thing feels sooo right.

Except for when this happened…

While recording the 2nd episode, I was responding to something the guest said and I used the word ‘contentuous’.

In case your head is cocked to the side in confusion, yes, contentuous is not a word.

The word I wanted to say was contentious – meaning argumentative or controversial.

But in my rush to translate the thoughts in my brain through my mouth.

A new mother, with nowhere to live and not a dime to her name, looked at her fresh baby girl and said, “God, you raise her. I’ll help.”

When I first heard this woman’s story, her words stuck under my ribs.

I popped another hummus-drenched carrot into my mouth, intending to watch the conversation go somewhere else, but these words would not leave me.

You know those times when you hear or read something profound and you’re all “Ya, ya, I already know that” so you just keep on scrolling down to the next Facebook post or flip to the next page of the book? It was one of those moments for me.

My immediate reaction was just to keep...