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hannah marcotti

Hannah Marcotti is a magic making coach for women's soul work. In episode 10 of The Sacred Podcast, we talked about what 'vibration' means to her, what her morning prayer ritual includes, her approach to self-care, because she's not into baths and the like, and more.

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When relationships end, everyone walks away with a story.

Each person has their version of why it happened, who did what, what their motivations were, who was a good heart and who was a doucheface. Each person has their own Truth.

And if you're a people pleaser (as most women have been socialized to be) and you've discovered that the other person thinks you were the doucheface, you'll probably be tempted to do everything in your power to change their story.

We want their story to approve of our choices. We want their story to be nice to us.

But here's the hurt, love:

We have to let other people have whatever story they want.

Trying to control their perspective by reminding them of that conversation, pointing out the contradictions, or showing them any kind of 'evidence' that proves we were...

The Sacred Podcast with Annika Martins and Heidi Robbins

Art as spirituality and how to talk to astrologers. Ep9: Heidi Rose Robbins

Heidi Rose Robbins is a gifted poet, teacher and astrologer like no other. In Episode 9 of The Sacred Podcast, we talked about how she transformed my intense skepticism of astrology, how she talks to people who don't share her spiritual beliefs and her advice on how NOT to respond when you're talking to astrologers, clairvoyants or any kind of energy worker.


If you feel certain a second date didn't happen because your ass, arms or belly is too _____________, consider this:

Option A: You are 100% WRONG.

Maybe when you mentioned how much you love travel, he got a flashback of his parents fighting about his mom's business trips, so he wrote you off.

Maybe the chemistry was real, but it jarred her into realizing she’s not over her ex.

Maybe you're so wicked smart and stunningly gorgeous that he thinks you're completely out of his league.

Maybe the absence of a second date is all about THEM, not you.

There are a gajillion possible reasons for the lack of a second date, that have absolutely nothing to do with you, or your body.

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Start your own church. He did. Ep8: Fred Giles

Fred Giles went to church 7 days a week as a kid. His mama was a pastor, so when he signed up for Bible college and began to study under a bishop, it seemed he was destined to follow in her shoes. And he did... but not really. Today, he's the pastor and founder of The Meeting Place Church in Greenville, SC where he's expanding the notion of what 'church' can be.

Most mainstream notions of spirituality tell us that spirit is seen through the stillness of Savasana, hands clasped in prayer and the tender, soft spoken words of a wise guru. So when we encounter very loud, very physical, atypical reactions to the Divine, most of us just don't know what to do. In fact, this isn't just about people who are having strong reactions to the sacred. It's about anyone (especially women) having strong reactions to ANYTHING.

Tears in public. Raised voices in the grocery store. Anger in the face of racial profiling.

Our world generally doesn't support people feeling BIG in public.

Want to know how to be with a friend who is half-awed / half-terrified because they swear they just saw an angel or they're convinced the universe is telling them to get a divorce? Or someone who's grieving the loss of a beloved pet, or trembling at the news of yet another hate crime? There's only one way, really. Here it is: