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For most of her life, Pace Smith defined life through the lens of science and rationality. Until... she didn't. In episode 6 of The Sacred Podcast, Pace and I talked about transitioning from science geek to spiritual Sufi, enjoying the variety of the spiritual buffet vs choosing a single path to devote to, having conversations with people who don't share your spiritual beliefs, creating your own spiritual ceremonies + much more!

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Self-love should be a hula-hoop girl covered in roses and rainbows, right?

Maybe. But for a lot of us, she's not.

Often, being tender with yourself is the absolute last thing you want to do right after you put your foot in your mouth, hurt someone's feelings, or dropped the ball in some way.

In those moments, drain-circling thoughts prevail and sweet, compassionate self-love is nowhere in sight.

This is the part that usually gets missed in the self-love conversation: A lot of the time, loving yourself is HARD.

It's hard because for most of us, it's not an automatic response -- anymore.

Self-love was natural once, but most of us were vaccinated out of it.

Families of origin, school systems, the corporations we work for and the ones we give our money and attention to, have helped to systematically remove our natural predisposition to lead with lovelovelove. Instead, we've been taught to chase the carrot of Good Enoughness.


Episode 5: Theresa Reed

I held a healthy skepticism of tarot for many years. Until I met Theresa Reed. In episode 5 of The Sacred Podcast, Theresa and I talked about what tarot is exactly, how astrology helped her begin to understand herself, why she prefers looser connections with her friendships / community, and much more!

When I was in college, I worked part-time at the campus games room. Pinball, table tennis and a Donkey Kong or two.

One of my trainers was a good Southern boy we're going to refer to as JP. He was one of those Christians who spoke with the steady certainty of a person whose faith is so strong and true that converting or convincing you doesn't even occur to them.

One day, I asked him about post-college plans. With the same easy-like-sweet-tea pace that he always spoke, he told me he was going to move back to his hometown and marry his girlfriend.

The same girlfriend he said was controlling, demeaning, and I believe the exact word was "suffocating". And what I said next destroyed my relationship with JP forever.


Episode 4: L’Erin Alta

L'Erin Alta has always been a self-described rebel. As a young kid in Sunday School, she demanded an explanation when told that women should obey their husbands. "My mom is a single mom. She doesn't obey anyone." Then came her exploration of Rastafarianism, Islam, the [...]

Imagine building a house with no insulation. Imagine spending thousands on organic skin care but refusing to take a multi-vitamin. Or (the most maddening scene for me to imagine): driving a car with no cup holders.

In each of these scenarios, someone took care of the big, external, most obvious elements, but a much smaller and yet, just as crucial detail (yes, cup holders are crucial) was overlooked. BIG trumped small. EXTERNAL crushed internal. OBVIOUS booted out subtlety.

Some of us do this in our relationship to God, too. The divine is our go-to when we get in a car accident, when the diagnosis comes through, or when your childhood sweetheart proposes in a text message. But when we're...