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The Sacred Podcast with Annika Martins and Heidi Robbins

Heidi Rose Robbins is a gifted poet, teacher and astrologer like no other. In Episode 9 of The Sacred Podcast, we talked about how she transformed my intense skepticism of astrology, how she talks to people who don't share her spiritual beliefs and her advice on how NOT to respond when you're talking to astrologers, clairvoyants or any kind of energy worker.

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At the risk of turning you into a narcissist...

This is all for you.

The air in your lungs. The hands that harvested the cotton and the ones that sewed its threads into the clothes you're wearing. The sea and its salt. The mountains and their crisp. The sky and its blue. The sun and its warmth. The children and the chocolate dripping down their chins. This is all for you.

You are not the center of the universe - you are the universe.

You are the grandiosity, the mystery, and the unutterable beauty.

You are the magic of trees. The exceptionality of Olympic athletes. The stunning vista of cotton candy sunsets and a baby's first laugh.

You are the strength of the strongest steel. You are the resiliency of roaches.


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Start your own church. He did. Ep8: Fred Giles

Fred Giles went to church 7 days a week as a kid. His mama was a pastor, so when he signed up for Bible college and began to study under a bishop, it seemed he was destined to follow in her shoes. And he did... but not really. Today, he's the pastor and founder of The Meeting Place Church in Greenville, SC where he's expanding the notion of what 'church' can be.

I took a few days off work. Got a massage too. Naps, tea-drinking and an overall low-key vibe prevailed. Overworked, overstimulated, over-everything demanded that I take a good rest.

But after all that supposed recovery time, there I was, sitting at my desk on Monday morning, feeling like a freight train had just run me over. Twice.

My problem? I was resting the wrong way.

Assuming you’re not severely anemic or harboring some rare parasitic creature in your tummy, here’s why you might be stuck on the Tired Train:

You have to RECEIVE rest.

If you get a massage but while all the rubbing is happening, you're sweating the deadlines waiting for you at work, you might not be receiving all the rest.

If you bookend your afternoon nap with an epic guilt trip that says "Naps are for babies and the elderly, Grannypants", you might not be receiving all the rest.

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Creating a family spiritual date. Ep7: Tanya Geisler

Tanya Geisler is the kind of woman who argues with Sunday School teachers and then doles out mama bear hugs like no other. In episode 7 of The Sacred Podcast, Tanya and I talked about going to church some weeks and not others - and being entirely okay with that, creating a spiritual date with her family (I'm OBSESSED with this idea), how to know whether you're having a spiritual experience, and much more.

There are manifestos and social media posts galore that warn you of the dangers of comparison.

It's a killer. It's toxic. It'll drown you in a sea of not-good-enoughness. Run away from the Beast Called Comparison!

Actually, no.

Comparison can be a teacher. Comparison can be a benchmark for your progress. Comparison can be a vision of where you want to go; motivation that inspires you forward.

Comparison itself is not inherently "evil" or self-sabotaging. We get to choose our relationship to comparison. Demoralizing or Affirming? It's up to you.

Comparison stunts our possibilities when we relate to it through the Old Paradigm, which looks like this:

Comparing myself to others proves that they're better / smarter / prettier / cooler / healthier / wealthier / more important than I am.