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L'Erin Alta has always been a self-described rebel. As a young kid in Sunday School, she demanded an explanation when told that women should obey their husbands. "My mom is a single mom. She doesn't obey anyone." Then came her exploration of Rastafarianism, Islam, the [...]

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Does this sound familiar? You notice yourself feeling grumpy so you go into thoughts like: What's this about? Does this topic trigger something from my childhood? Does it remind me of that guy from my past? What's the underlying belief here?

Yes? Has this happened to you? The seemingly never-ending internal monologue of the hyper introspective ones of us. We naturally default (or years of personal development work have trained us well) to repeatedly exploring the inner workings of our mind, looking for hidden meanings and cosmic messages. Uncover the "why". Drill down to the heart of it. Peel back the layers. (insert your cliche of choice)
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Episode 3: Jen Louden

She's a bestselling author (6 books, over a million copies in print in 9 languages). She hasn't worked a traditional j-o-b since 1985. Oh, and she became a newlywed - at 49. Today's guest on The Sacred Podcast is Jen Louden. This conversation went all [...]

It was about 8:30pm on a Friday night. The wooden stage at the front of the church hall was lined with white votive candles. Otherwise, the room was dark. Beneath the candles, hanging over the edge of the stage, was a white sheet, with red hibiscus flowers sewn into the fabric. The younger kids were playing tag. From the two black speakers on either end of the stage, a hymn was playing loudly. Something about the Holy Spirit coming down to Earth. 100 feet away from the stage were the rows of plastic chairs where I was sitting. I was 12 years old. I remember watching the younger kids play, thinking how this youth conference thing was so lame and then it happened. Out of sheer boredom, I trailed my eyes across the...


Episode 2: Ashley Turner

Ashley Turner loved her church-centric upbringing. She's got bright + happy stories of church camp, choir practice and Sunday School. Refreshing, right? In a sea of "Religion banged me up!" stories, hearing about her nourishing church years is inspiring. But after being rejected from all [...]

At this particular moment, I am feeling the growing pains of My Rise.

This is the resistance, the old story, the usual triggers, the patterns of habit and small thoughts. This is the short-sighted notion that I should go back to playing little. That I should dial it all down. This is my bones and tissue saying "Ow, mama" as I rise into the expansion of myself.

My lungs have to learn how to breathe in this new air. My skin has to adapt to the temperature change. My eyes need to refocus over and over, until they figure out how to see in this atmosphere. All my senses have to adapt to the changes required for a rising.