What my first product taught me about making spirituality simple.

Earlier this year, I released an e-course called Eyes Open. It’s 14 days of meditating with your eyes wide open. When folks have gone through all the experiments, I ask them what they think of the course. The most consistent word people have used to… Read more >

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What if ‘God’ doesn’t work for you?

Everything ain’t for everybody. For a friend of mine, the concept of God or any kind of Higher Power doesn’t sit right with her, so she’s built her spiritual practice around Love. I have another friend who doesn’t like the word ‘Amen’. She’s experimenting with… Read more >

craving connection

Are you a connection addict? A story about vulnerability, eye-rolling + learning discernment.

For a long time, I didn’t have many spiritually-minded friends. So when I found out about a free workshop happening nearby, I signed up, figuring I might meet some cool consciousness-curious people. But on the day of the workshop, I felt quiet and reflective –… Read more >


Body Love: a prayer

Some of the people I love have a tough time when they go out in public. They imagine that others are judging them based on their looks, clothing or behavior – and sometimes, that is exactly what’s happening. They worry that they’re not measuring up.… Read more >

curious about fantasizing

My fantasy meditation: Ed Sheeran and hobbits.

With a title like that, I almost don’t want to say anything else… But, here’s a little something: I have a very, verrry broad definition of what a meditation can be. So, fantasizing as a meditation is totally possible, in my mind. In today’s episode… Read more >

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A sneak peek at Eyes Open. (+audio)

Hello, hello! This is your sneak peek at Eyes Open, a 14 day digital course in meditating with your eyes… wide open. To see what’s included in the full course and hear from people who’ve already done it, go here. Now, let’s get into your… Read more >