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L'Erin Alta has always been a self-described rebel. As a young kid in Sunday School, she demanded an explanation when told that women should obey their husbands. "My mom is a single mom. She doesn't obey anyone." Then came her exploration of Rastafarianism, Islam, the [...]

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At this particular moment, I am feeling the growing pains of My Rise.

This is the resistance, the old story, the usual triggers, the patterns of habit and small thoughts. This is the short-sighted notion that I should go back to playing little. That I should dial it all down. This is my bones and tissue saying "Ow, mama" as I rise into the expansion of myself.

My lungs have to learn how to breathe in this new air. My skin has to adapt to the temperature change. My eyes need to refocus over and over, until they figure out how to see in this atmosphere. All my senses have to adapt to the changes required for a rising.


Episode 3: Jen Louden

She's a bestselling author (6 books, over a million copies in print in 9 languages). She hasn't worked a traditional j-o-b since 1985. Oh, and she became a newlywed - at 49. Today's guest on The Sacred Podcast is Jen Louden. This conversation went all [...]

One day, I arrived at softball practice early.

Jamie and Nicholas were already there, waiting on the time between the end of school and the start of team practice to tick away.

I was doing my best to contribute to their conversation about the previous night’s NBA game, when Jamie abruptly turned the conversation towards girls.

Specifically, having sex with girls. As 15-year-old males do. Apparently.

And after trading stories with Nicholas for a few minutes, it suddenly seemed to dawn on Jamie that I was a girl. Shock of all shocks. So he came up with a transition that led to him pointing at me and saying:


Episode 2: Ashley Turner

Ashley Turner loved her church-centric upbringing. She's got bright + happy stories of church camp, choir practice and Sunday School. Refreshing, right? In a sea of "Religion banged me up!" stories, hearing about her nourishing church years is inspiring. But after being rejected from all [...]

Shortly after my 30th birthday I went to Ojai, California for the first time.

It's the kind of place that attracts people who don't wear shoes (like, ever). And the succulents... oh, the succulents.

I was in town to attend a retreat with the magnificent Heidi Rose Robbins, a gifted teacher, astrologer and gentle soul.

On our final night together, I told the other women there what I wished for them. I found the crumpled piece of paper I wrote those words on this morning and realized that I wasn't thinking of just them when I wrote it.

I was thinking of you too. So here, this is yours: