I grew up on a small Caribbean island with fairly well-known parents. I felt a lot of pressure to protect my family’s reputation by being a ‘good girl’.

On top of that, I was always taller than other kids my age (still am – 6 feet of woman right here!) and I was a chubby kid.

The pressure to behave appropriately at all times, coupled with the clear message that my body was too big, triggered social anxiety and body insecurity.

My response? I got really good at hiding – hiding my body, my opinion, my feelings, my dreams.

annika-sunflower-hatBecause you can’t be hurt if you can’t be seen.

You can’t be judged or laughed at if you’re invisible. (This was my unconscious logic at the time.)

That’s why your relationship to your body has a DIRECT impact on your career success and relationship goals.

Because your body dynamic either primes you to confidently build relationships and ask for what you want, OR it tells you that you’re inadequate, and the only solution is to mask your inadequacy.

And if you’re mostly hearing that inadequacy message, my guess is that some part of your life looks something like this:

  • You’re really good at standing in the back, or not standing up at all.
  • You’ve become a pro at speaking softly, or just not speaking up. Ever.
  • You’ve mastered the art of downplaying your achievements and apologizing for your talents.

If even just one of those details describes you, here’s how that translates: You’ve gotten really good at being invisible.

And invisibility will tank your career goals and entrepreneurial vision in a flash.

After years of struggling to lose weight, while squashing my voice as a writer and leader, while avoiding romance and intimacy, while working so hard to please everyone (but myself), I decided I’d had enough.

So I set my sights on radically transforming my relationship with my body.

But a lot of the mainstream body advice I found didn’t feel right for me, so I carved my own body freedom path. And without restrictive diets or torturous workouts, my body naturally changed where it needed to change.

But more important than any physical changes were the changes in my heart. The changes in my confidence and peace of mind.

The changes in the way I behave around food. The changes in the way I get dressed each morning, and in the thoughts that run through my head when I see myself naked.


When the way you think about your body changes, your life changes.

My work is about sharing how I did that. It’s about helping you create a saner, kinder, and more peaceful relationship with your body.


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